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High quality software and hardware is one of the keys to help us keep your mailings cost effective. Affixing a barcode and presorting your data with CASS certified software will greatly reduce the cost of postage. Barcodes are inkjetted directly onto your mailpiece after the data is put into the proper presorted sequence. Our customer service representatives can assist you in designing your mailpiece to meet postal regulations.

Kit Assembly
If you have an unordinary package or kit you need to market, we have the experience necessary to assemble, sort, Q.C. and mail it for you. Multiple piece science kits have been assembled and mailed by the thousands containing different inserts, literature and products without delay or error. High profile personalized kits are not uncommon. Some V.I.P. recipients are so high profile (Michael Dell, The President of Dell Computer Corporation) that our team wore gloves so no fingerprints would appear on the packages. Our main concern is to meet your deadline without sacrificing quality.

Hand Presorting
If you're doing a large mailing that consists of tubes, packages, books, perishables, or any piece that is considered unmachinable or an irregular parcel, it can still be presorted. Your stock could conform to several methods of production sorting. Our Customer Service Department will help you determine the best method to expedite your mailings depending on time restraints and budget.

Hand Inserting, Folding and Signing
Any mailing that fails to meet specifications for machine inserting will have to be inserted by hand. These packages could have inadequate clearance between inserts and envelopes, too many inserts for inserters, or poor stock. Due to the labor intensive nature of hand inserting, we go to great lengths to avoid it. Our highly trained machine operators are able to run jobs others would not even attempt. But if your job does need to be inserted by hand, one of our highly productive teams will make it a relatively painful and inexpensive process. A sure sign of personalization is receiving a letter that is signed by hand. Any signature can be signed in ink, without losing its originality. Writers cramp can be avoided when you let us sign them for you

Hand Stamping
A variety of stamps can be affixed by our stamphead machines. Many commemoratives or special issue stamps only come in sheets, and those stamps need to be hand affixed. We'll purchase animal stamps, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, comic, commemorative or any special stamps to be affixed. Colorful stamps can add a special touch to the final stage of your mail piece.

When trying to personalize your mailing you may need to create a gender specific prefix not already in your database. We can parse (separate) a full name field, then append the proper prefix by using a database of over 100,000 unique single-word first names matched with a seven level range from strongly female to strongly male. We will also automatically change any obvious typos, double strokes, OCR mis-reads, truncations, and other erroneous data. Each record marked as an error has a matching correction record. From there we can build a custom salutation of your choice. Formal salutations using prefix and last name, or informal with just first name can be used, or a combination of both depending on whether or not the prefix exists. We can recognize suffixes like "MD", "DMD", and "Ph.D." and give you "Dr." as the prefix. Of course, some names are recognized as neutral (Chris, Pat) but a genderless salutation such as Dear Friend, Valued Customer, Colleague or full name can be inserted. Even compound name fields are not a problem. We can turn Bill and Betty Williams into Mr. And Mrs. Williams.

Poly bagging and or shrink wrapping your mailing package in sealed plastic is a service that we also offer.


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